SMART Clinic

The SMART Veterinary clinic Ltd was founded in 2004. It was the first specialist referral veterinary rehabilitation centre in the UK. Through the development of individually tailored programmes it has succeeded not only in helping numerous dogs return to full athletic activity but also has improved the quality of life of countless pets through better pain management and a proper exercise regime.

Such has been the success of the clinic that it has now outgrown its Swansea base and as of the 1st of March 2008 will open the doors of a second clinic in Cardiff. The Cardiff clinic is a brand new purpose built facility complete with 5 treatment rooms, hospitalisation facilities, aquatic treadmill and seminar room.

The Cardiff centre is easily accessible from the M4, and only twenty minutes from the Severn bridge.

Both clinics are staffed by experienced veterinary surgeons who will assess, treat and evaluate each animals progress. Hospitalisation facilities are available for those cases that require more intensive therapy or where distance provides a barrier to regular visits.

Whether your animal is recovering from surgery, overweight or simply getting older at the SMART Clinic we will design a complete management programme to suit your pets needs. Equally if your dog is an athlete and not performing as well as he or she should then a detailed assessment at the Clinic may well be able to pinpoint the problem and develop a treatment plan.