Easter here we come!

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The last 2 weekends have seen amazing results from SWAT members - it has been such a great privilege to share in everyone's excitement - my phone has gone crazy in the evenings with everyone letting me know how they have done. Check out the results page for the details - well done to you all!

These results really are a testament to the winter training that everyone has done - huge improvements have been made, and the proof is in the pudding as they say! :-)

Personally I couldn't be happier. My members are doing brilliantly and having such fun, and my own dogs have done me proud! I said in my last blog I was hoping Maid would maintain her turn criteria in the ring - and she did! I am SO SO happy. The icing on the cake was that she won G4 agility on her very first run on the year. Clever girl! But still, I am happier that she did in the ring what she does at home. Now we just need the same speed in the ring as at home - it will come.

And Glee.... Well she stayed in the ring, and she was officially clear - but she was very distracted and so slow. But each run has seen an improvement so fingers crossed by the end of Easter she will be a lot more confident. She has yet to do a seesaw in the ring as I have pulled from agility classes unless there is no seesaw... I hope to do one this weekend - especially as there is a practice ring to help rebuild confidence / criteria immediately if she does struggle.

Raq has been wild :-) But all my fault. I am really struggling to maintain my energy levels and focus throughout the whole day - 9 runs seems a lot! So I am armed with lots of snacks to help keep me going this weekend - remembering the course would be a start! 

It has been fun to see everyone, and the sunny weather has been a huge bonus! So bring on Easter :-)


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