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As ever life has been very busy so I apologise for the lack of posts.
Update on SWAT dogs as you have all been asking.
 Tigga is doing ok- MRI showed its epilepsy so Mary is waiting for the next fit before deciding about medication. Sadly Mary has had a fall and broken her wrist (not the one that was operated on!) so she will miss theinterclubs and group sessions for a while again.
Dottie is fully recovered from surgery, and we hope to see her back inthe next few weeks after being checked by the SMART clinic.
Billys Xrays have been done, but no news yet as to the outcome - fingers crossed.
Such sad news yesterday, Gill lost Bree to a torsion after just getting her diabetes under control. So sad to lose any dog but a 2 year old with such promise.....our thoughts are with you Gill.
The Keating family finally seem healthy - watch this space!!
Shows are appearing thick and fast on the net so keep your eyes peeled and get those entries in. Our show is slowly getting entries - the camping is very nearly full. I am starting to think of all the 'little' jobs that need doing so will start asking for help very soon!
We have sent off the new clothing order so that should all be with us for Easter and the start of the season. Its great news that SMART are sponsoring us and all members who compete for the first time will get a free T-shirt.
Last weekend saw lots of shows - open and Limit. Well done to Pam, Trudy, Mel, Annie and Camilla who all got places.
Training news - in April, Saturday sessions will stop and i will restart Tues and Thurs evening private slots. I am also doing a new Jump Clinic in April to be held at Christinas fabulous venue. My contacts booklet is nearly ready to go live - Debbie took some fabulous photos for it, i love the ones of Doug running the dog walk - he looks really fast! (www.dartmoor-animal-photographer.co.uk/swat1) . I am really enjoying training Doug at the moment although he is proving to be challenging when other dogs are around (especially Raq). Today he actually two foot bounced through the weaves! all for  a treat of course!
So this Sunday see's the start of some more team matches - lets hope we can finally beat Leads again!

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  1. Jan Rayment (Plato and Flint)

    On behalf of LEADS: No way will you beat us - we have been training and have developed a new strategy. We are going to cheer VERY loudly!

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