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Finally we won the trophy back from Leads at the Match yesterday. Well done to all the competitors, it was a really fun day with a lovely atmosphere. Special well dones must go to Mel and Lucas for two 1st places, Rachel and Belle getting 1st ( we have been longing for that clear!) Pam and Shevi for getting their first ever 1st and Amanda and Flyn for getting a 1st on their first ever SWAT outing! Lets hope all the dogs work as well as the first KC shows of the season!
As most of you are aware the new branded clothing has arrived and looks really good - its great to be so closely linked with the SMART Clinic. Let me know if you want to place an order - we also have some sale items including some mens and womens polo shirts and jackets at discount prices.
Training - i seem reall busy at the moment, everyone ironing out those last few problems before the show season begins. The winter has seen some huge improvements with some dogs really getting to grips with it all which makes the shows seem very exciting. I am very excited about newbies Oggy, Archie,Rico, Buell and Lucas, new member Flyn and of course the hugely improved Belle, Oz and Sky (or should that be the new improved and CALMER Rachel and Jean!!?!).
Its also exciting knowing that SWAT dogs will be entering champ classes for the first time - Dottie and Boo will be flying the flag for us and i am so so proud of them (and Dairin and Nat!).
As for me.........i do feel that Raq and i are now much more together than we were last year, maybe the baby brain has finally gone. I hope i don't let him down. I am feeling very excited about the season ahead with him. Also about seeing all his pups out on the circuit :-)
But Doug......well thats a whole different thing. I am currently re assessing his training and therefore future. He loves agility one on one and i really enjoy training him. However as some of you have witnessed once there are other people and dogs about he is very distracted. I plan to work him around other dogs alot more, even sacrificing some of the agility training just to get him doing basics in public. I also think that we may have to re-think Dairin running him initially. Whilst he is happy to run for D when we are on our own, he doesn't have a strong enough bond with him when it gets exciting. So it would seem that the new plan (til the next crisis!!) is that i will run him to start, then when he has settled and got used to the show atmosphere D will take over. It is a shame as he goes alot faster for D but we have to do whats right for him. And its phsically impossible for D to get to the field more than once a week - he's on Lily duty or at work!
Watch this space!
Good luck to everyone who is at Shows this weekend - UKA or limit.
See you at the field !

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