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It has been a long time since I wrote a blog - a common theme it seems in my blogging career! There has been so much going on that it has been impossible to write honestly about anything - and i don’t do fake!

But at the moment Life is a little more settled and I have been wanting to share some agility stuff so here we go again…..


It has been an amazing season for SWAT - our results speak for themselves - check out the agility Club’s league table. We are the highest placed club in the South West yet again!  Everyone who has contributed points to our amazing total is a member - and to be a member of SWAT you have to train with us at least once a month so that we are having a consistent input into your agility. The roll of honour of achievements this year will be huge. So many people have gone up grades and achieved their personal goals -It is wonderful to see so many dogs and handlers having lots of fun and being successful is the added bonus -  especially as it means cake on group nights!!  :-)


One of the things that I hope makes SWAT different is our aim to run the business as morally and ethically as we can - It is a business but that does not mean we have an excuse to offer training that is not of a high quality and good value for money - We ensure we advertise exactly how much a session is, how many dogs will be in the session, exactly what the session will entail in an easy to understand manner, and of course you know who will be training you….. basically we are totally transparent about what we do.

Agility is a hobby, not life and death, and is meant to enhance your life not make it more stressful! I hope that our prices reflect this as well as our club ethos.


The downside to this, is all our sessions sell out very quickly! Usually within an hour of being announced and then we have disappointed people :-( I have upped how many sessions I am doing on my Rexon handling days to fit more people in but this only solves the problem in the short term, and doesn’t solve issues for other sessions. I have asked all our members for feedback - so if you have any bright ideas please shout!


At the last few shows i have been to, I have stood around the rings listening to people moan about courses, judges, trainers, clubs etc…. Please remember, that everyone has a choice.


  • You can choose to run a course or not.
  • You can choose to enter a show when you know you don’t like the judges courses usually - or not.
  • You can choose to go to your nearest trainer even if you don’t like them - or not.
  • You can choose to be honest and transparent in all you do - or not.


Everything is a choice - The alternative may not be ideal but surely it is better than being unhappy, moaning to everyone and letting it affect your hobby?

After all, we play choice games with our puppys……     :-)

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