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A fab weekend of results for the swatties - well done to all of you at Newbury and Wadebridge.
I really enjoyed running Boo on Saturday when D was judging - especially getting places with her and beating those long legged boys in grade 7! So nice to fianlly get a win with Raq :-)  Ican't stop smiling - he worked beautifully all weekend and i really feel we are getting it together - roll on Dordale!
I am looking forward to Dordale but am also a bit apprehensive as its our first time out with the caravan this year and last year was a bit of disaster! However we are older and allegedly wiser now.......!
Doug is coming on well - getting better at staying with me despite distractions - i am hopeful he may stay in the ring in August .....fingers crossed. I took him in the practice ring at Wadebridge and he worked nicely, but then again i did have garlic sausage in my pocket!
Show preperations are at full steam - all the trophies have arrived - just waiting on the rest of the engraving plates so we can have another evening of making them all up. I have the ring plan drafted and judges know wheat they are doing......all getting a little scarey!
so off to do more emails and phone calls for the show!
See you at the field!
ps - Jo, love the trousers and glad you stayed upright long enough to get a 3rd and 1st!!

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