Pre show nerves!

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It has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions the last few weeks and here we are 4 days away from hosting our first ever KC Show - excitement and nerves all mixed in!
Thankyou so much to all of you who have done so much to help already, sorting out trophies and rosettes, schedules, etc. Thankyou in advance to all our ring managers and those of you who are helping Thurs and Fri to set up - hopefully we will make you proud to be a SWAT member.
Thanks for all the congrats messages - i am very proud to finally be grade 7 - and it was a good run that we for once actually have on video!
I am off to my sisters tomorrow - a whole day unable to do any show work! - delivering Lily to her for a week. I am so lucky to have such great support from my family - Lily is going to have a fab time, lots of adult interaction. It will mean that i can fully concentrate and hopefully enjoy the show sec experience! That said i will miss her!
Bad news on Friday for the Keating household - D's contract ends this week so he is having to look round for a new job - bad timing as we are so busy sorting the show but he's such a hard worker i am sure he'll find something soon. I just hate the uncertainty.
Good news re Doug - he seems alot better and his results have shown there is nothing nasty going on, so we are going to hit him with a cocktail of drugs to get the inflammation down and hopefully cure the wheezing - lets hope the steroids don't make him too feisty!
Huge well done to some of our members at the weekend - Amanda and Flyn  a 4th and 2nd, and Kif a 7th and 17th. Good results on a quiet weekend of shows.
Well - thats it - no more blogs re planning - next one will be the aftermath! Thanks again for your hard work - here's too a dry(butnot toohot!) weekend! ANd lets get some of those nice trophies to our members!

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  1. Claire

    Sorry to hear about D and his job - having just been through it with my hubby I know what you are going through and it isnt easy. Really looking forward to the show and fingers crossed the weather holds out for you.

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  2. Jan

    Good luck for a great show. I think you've done some great planning and it will pay back loads. Really looking forward to it.

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  3. Chel

    good luck for the weekend, im not there, but i hope it all runs smoothly, just remember to ask for help when you need it, so many people been there for their first show, and will only be happy to help

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