MId Season Blues

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Its been a funny few weeks - very up and down and its left me feeling a bit.....well.......weird.
It took quite a while to get over our show, not helped by starting to relax and then receiving complaint letters asking for refunds. Bless Dairin, hes not even let me read the couple we have had as he doesnt want mw to be upset - very caring when he wants! It does upset me tho - so much time and energy went into the show prep, and 95% of handlers thought that whilst the surface wasnt great it WAS safe - the judges agreed and no-one should impugn their decision. We all make choices to run our dogs (some of us withdraw our dogs when it rains) but expecting refunds......
On a personal front, we are very relieved that D starts a new job on Monday. Less money but more sociable hours. and i am relieved that some money will be coming in. Funny - until he got it i didn't realise how worried i'd been, but i was SO relieved! Monday is also Lilys 2nd birthday so a day to celebrate - with a picnic at the park ;-)
Training news - had an interesting week with some new clients which is always interesting. I do enjoy helping people achieve their goals, but more satisfying is putting the smile back on peoples faces when they've been having a rough time at agility.Its been a week of fun lessons with friends old and new, i am looking forward to next week - but am planning no rear crosses - enough is enough!
 Doug has been.......mixed! He shared a lesson with Dottie who wound him up and he went mental! Great speed but no control! If that happens at a show i am done for! But i do want that speed! We shall see.....
I really enjoyed Thames last week, we had so much fun with the kids playing football and getting wet in the paddling pool. Club members did so well, i was nearly sick watching Nat and Dottie in Champ. And Amanda going grade 3! Personally, Thames was yet again a diaster for me and Daz. Lots of e's. So i am really not sure how i feel about this coming weekend. Thames has never been a good show for us, so maybe this weekend will be better. Poor Raq, we are so close- one mistake in each run. Fingers crossed as i am starting to worry we will never again have a consistent season.
So......ups and downs. Good Luck for the weekend, see you at training!

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  1. anne poultney

    hope thames went well? happy birthday Lily see you all at bath race course

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