Swings and roundabouts!

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Why swings and roundabouts?? Seems very apt at the moment.
1. Lily and I spent the morning with friends at the park for a Teddy Bears Picnic and had a fab time - she scared me by going on a very high slide!
2. Being a trainer is like being at the park on a swing - sometimes you are flavour of the month, other times........and so the cycle repeats. As fast as some clients / members leave, others arrive. ( welcome to all the newbies!)
3. Judges decisions - they are only human (although some of them seem to think they are God but thats a whole new topic!) and they make mistakes. As long as they are judging within the rules and not making up their own interpretation then their decision is final......some you win and some you lose. What i think is a perfectly good contact they might (and do!) deem otherwise, no point moaning.
So....swings and roundabouts ;-)
Tuffley was alot of fun - great company and socialising not so good agility from the Keating household. Boo did great in Champ - yes Daz got to the ring on time - twice!- and managed an 8th in the agility but an E in the jumping. I couldn't breathe when he was running - what am i going to be like when i am doing it as well?!? Raq was so much fun to run . He seemed careful and slow on Fri (thats why we managed to go clear and get a 5th) but the rest of the weekend he was back on form and a huge buzz to run - but no clears, lots of 5 fault runs. Oh well, always next week.......
Tuffley was well run and we enjoyed ourselves. Interesting idea that they pay other clubs to ring party.....we hadn't heard of this before (despite rumours!) and think its a good option as a way of raising money for equipment etc. Bit difficult for SWAT i guess as we are a business, something to ponder.
Must mention Rachel and Winston - there first ever clear!!!! So pleased for you Rach, you deserve it after all your hard work - can't wait for you to be whooping the ABC's!
We are off to Cornwall this weekend - Show on the Sat only, and i am teaching down there on the Sun. So good luck to everyone at Diamond dogs. Let us know how you get on!

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  1. Dani

    I did let you know :-) and well done again for your win with Raq xx

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