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Last Saturday we did Cornwall show and had a fun day with all our friends from down there - not many SWATties as most were at the the new Diamond Dogs show. A loud, laughter filled communal lunch sums up the lovely day we had - made all the better for me by Raq winning the G7 Agility - I was and still amover the moon. It wasn't a clean run but it was clear, he listened and it was a tricky course (a la Mr Chapman ;-)). We have been so close recently it was nice to get the win at last!
Sunday was great fun as well, i was teaching over at Sue Marson field with a fun bunch of handlers. I really enjoyed myself, ihope they did to - thanks for the lovely lunch!
I think its been helping Raq to be in the group lessons on a Weds night - its fab to be at the field training with everyone and enjoying the chat - a definite perk of D's new job is that we can team teach on a Weds and run all our dogs - although i am shattered when we get home! D's timing is still rubbish so i hope tonight will help and it comes together for Champ at Rugby on Sat.
Doug is coming on ok - his actual agility is good - i still don't know if he will stay in the ring. My biggest concern is that if he does run off i won't be able to catch him! He loves to play chase so if he decides to run...... Oh well, we can but wait and see! I am not training him as much as i'd like as my ankle is really sore - i've gone over on it 3 times in 2 weeks just walking along! So clumsy!
I've updated the events page with all the winter training dates. I amstunned how quickly people are booking on to the sessions! Some of them are nearly full so please check your diaries asap and let me know if you want to do them. Going down to Rexon in Nov will be fun - its a lovely venue and it will be nice to see everyone from down there.
I amjust starting to think about our holiday in August - before we know it we will heading off to the KC festival and our 2 weeks away - i can't wait! That said - i am really enjoying teaching at the moment - lots of laughs - and show are a real buzz.
So see most of you Sunday at S Devon!

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