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We have had a lovely weekend at Caerphilly - although too much wine was consumed to be able to think properly on Sunday!! But oh what fun!
As usual the show was very well run (still missing an ice cream van!) and the weather was alost too hot for me!
Well done to all SWATties new and old who got placed or achieved personal aims. Daz won the G7 Agility by a second! Raq got a 3rd in the collie sprint, and Kye got a 3rd in Anysize. I don't usually grumble about trophies but Caerphilly is ALL about the Dragons so i was a bit gutted to get a 3rd with Kye and get a different trophy - but still i was pleased the old boy was having fun.
I enjoyed running Raq again this weekend - so many 5 fault rounds - but he was shifting AND listening which is fab - such a buzz running him.
So today i had a little panic - Agility Club running orders arrived. There it is in black and white - Doug finally gets to compete. And yes - as i suspected - his first run is the 1-7 Olympia qualifier in the rung next to Champ - lets hope he doesn't run off!! And of course there is the small matter of Raq's first champ run!
I am looking forward to the weekend but especially to cheer on Jo and Fluke, and Pat and Dooley in the starters challenge. We have had a SWAT member in it for the last 3 years and Amanda has already qualified for next year!
Good news that Jimmy the rescue we were trying to rehome has found the perfect home with agility folk we have known for ages so know hes going to have a great time. Can't wait to see him out and about!
Finally i just have to say.....WELL DONE RACHEL!!!!! I am so so proud of you for finally getting the clear round you so deserved. Lots of other people may have given up but you kept going and watching you and Belle in action is awesome - well done from all y our SWAT friends.

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