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What a weekend!!!!
I have had such a fun weekend. We travelled all the way to Haywards Heath for the Agility Club Show. It was a long way and i admit we probably wouldn't plan to do it again as we didn't get home til 10pm last night - except we will do it again as we already have Amanda and Fluke qualified for the finals next year!
So, results.
I am very pleased and proud to say that Jo and Fluke won the starters Medium cup! She ran first and no-one could beat her - it was so tense for us all as we watched but we loved it! Pat and Dooley were on a really good run in the large, just a missed weave entry put them out of contention - but a very happy and focused dog - well done for even being there! It was lovely at prize giving  - such a loud cheer from the SWATies - although Dervish rivalled our 'proud to be loud' status! A great evening.
On Saturday Dani topped of her amazing run of results (including going G6) by qualifying for Olympia Semis! Go Lily!
Then Sunday dawned and i felt sick. I honestly could have stayed in bed. What was i worried about? Champ? no. Dougs first run? Oh yes! I just wanted him to be happy and focused but more importantly for him to stay in the ring and not poo!
In all 3 runs he stayed in the ring and completed the equipment. We did get e'd in 2 as we made baby mistakes but he did focus for most of it - only his first run did he wander off to investigate the cloth tunnel chute! But the moment i had him back he was focused and moving well. I felt he was slower than at training, watching the videos back it wasn't by much in his frst run, the others were as he was tired. We need barking dogs in the queue to wind him up. so we shall be getting Dottie to the rings with him at KC! BUt at least he didn't run off!
As for Champ.......Raq did ok, considering it was our first i was pleased as he was listening we just did stupid mistakes. But Dairin and Boo were amazing! They got throug to their first final and came 4th. D had a 'moment' and didnt work 2 turns at all well so tobe only 0.5sec off 1st is a great result. I am so proud of them both! Roll on next week.
Also this weekend i had some lovely texts / emails which as a trainer remind me why i do it! Mike and Rio won G4+5 agility at Axevale and as we have been working hard on their contacts that is a fab result. And I am very pleased to say Camilla and Pinto also won an Agility!!!!! Camilla has worked so hard to try and motivate Pinto, persevering for a long time, but its come together, well done from us all!
There were other results and personal achievements - well done to everyone.
I did have a moment of clarity this weekend - i looked at all the Champ handlers. Ignore the men, then take out the single women, then the women with no kids in tow......you are left with about 3 of us!! There really are very few women with kids competing at the top level and then i wonder why i am not very consistent??!!! Thats my excuse and i sticking to it!
So off i go to sort out all the unpacking and deal with a very tired Lily.......xx

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  1. Gail Skinner

    So THIS is what happens when us Skinners take a weekend off.You will be paying us to do it again (ooh THERE'S a thought!!) Sounds as though we missed a good'un....but I know for sure that the after Final party MUST have been fun and that you must have all cheered hard at the prizegiving. Congrats to you all from new guy Doug..to all those elite Champ folk. Way to go SWATies!!

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