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The last 2 weeks have been great fun but also quite tiring! We have done a huge road trip around the country starting at KC festival, then on to DIN for 2 days then back up to Dashin dogs for the week.
KC and DIN were enjoyable but KC was very tiring - having an extra dog to run (Doug) made me feel like i was permanently at the rings! DIN was very relaxing with time to do some sight seeing - We took Lily to Felixstowe to see the big boats - She didn't seem that impressed at the time but ever since we keep hearing about the 'Boats!'.
Dashin Dogs was as much fun as ever with great company and some fun socialising! (watch out them there Ninjas!) On the day off we went to the Zoo - When asked what she saw Lily said Quack quack!! So we could have saved ourselves £35 and gone to the park!!! To be fair since then she's been talking about the elephants and giraffes - phew.
As for our actual agility....... a very mixed bag. Raq has contacts again - hoorah! Had lots of nice comments from people about him which is nice, but no clear rounds, so quite frustrating. Dairin hurt his back at DIN so for the rest of the holiday he's not been able to run properly, but still managed a 1st on the last day! I had fun running Boo when he judged - 5 faults in G7 Agility for an up contact ;-( and 4th in G7 jumping.
But Doug Dog.......Well.......what a shock!!! Doug did have moments of wandering to check on people outside of the ring but generally he stayed focused and got the results to prove it!! 4 1sts, 3 2nds, and 2 3rds in a week as well as 4th at DIN and a 7th at KC. What a star!! As the time has gone on he's got more and more focused and has definitely been enjoying himself. We even on a couple of runs saw the speed that we get in training so hopefully that will eventually be the norm in the ring - when it happened i lost control of him as i wasn't expecting it! So his 1st grade 4 will be Bromsgrove......lets see what happens!
As for other SWATties - a fab week. Amanda and Flynn had a stunning week with at least one win if not two every day except one, often we got 1st and 2nd with Doug and Flyn which was fun! So Flyn also is now grade 4. The medium para- olympic team did well - 10 faults for our first attampt wasn't bad.
I can't remember all the results - its been a manic 2 weeks but well done also to Nat and Coco for going G5, Mike and Rio with lots of places and also going G5, and Lesley and Hex for going G4 - Hurrah!!!
Back to normality now - better start planning some lessons! And catching up on paperwork for the winter training sessions.
So, this weekend off and then Prestbury park next week as our last camp this year - D is judging so i get Boo for a day - Hooray!! xx

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    Brilliant! Go Dougie Go Go!!!

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