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We have had a busy two weeks and i am actually quite glad that we have no more shows for a few weeks.
Blackdown was great fun - lovely to see so many people who we hadn't seen for a while - our agility was fun - so so close, Raq was working Fab even if Doug had forgotten how to weave! We got to catch up with his sister and Jo who rescued him which was lovely.
Honiton this weekend was again lots of fun - lovely to see everyone - socially it was fun. Again the agility was glad but no rosettes for us - really wasn't helped by me feeling sick all weekend - no i am not pregnant!! Thankyou to everyone who helped run our ring on Sunday including looking after Lily (Emily!) Well done to everyone who has had places over the last 2 weeks - info on the news page.  Special mention to Sam and Heidi who did their first show - well done - i promise it is never as scarey again!
I have also been busy trying to find a new venue for our Xmas meal - hard when we need to be able to seat 40 and we don't want it to be too expensive. All sorted so please let me know if you can attend on the 4th Dec - i need money by 10th Oct.
So weekend training starts this coming week and i am really looking forward to it - will be nice to see the dogs grow over the winter months and the excitement build to next season. The 2011 dates will go on the vents page in the next week or so, please book early as they filled within 2 weeks last time and i don't want to disapoint anyone.
Puppy news - i have definitely got the bitch i wanted - known in the litter as Bo peep, i'm very excited about getting her at the end of Oct. Name has finally been decided on.....Maid. so just the KC name to go - more suggestions please. So far 'Harrjak Maid in Devon' or 'Harjak Maid you Look'...........
So see you all soon - if you have any spare time Fri afternoon or Sat then i amsure Daz would love to see you at the barn as he has 40 tonnes of sand to shovel! Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan!

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