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........Raq in training :-)
Everywhere you look at the moment about agility (net, blogs, magazines etc) its all about winter training, why? Because its so much fun! And for me its started with a fab week.
I am useless at technical stuff, hence why my blog doesn't have pics and videos so i can't show you how much fun i am having, but I AM!!
Firstly with Raq. Ok so he drives me mad at shows with wild rounds and lots of 5 fault rounds but to be honest, he is a dream to own and run. This winter i have 2 major aims. To proof my 90 degree left hand weave entry at flat out speed and to teach him a command that means specifically to miss a jump in the middle of a snake. Both of these are because i simply can not get there to help him on all courses and we get caught out. I started with the basics this week and it was so much fun to be doing simple but effective stuff, he was smiling all over his face! The weaves are going well, the 'miss' slightly harder - but its only been 2  x 5minute sessions ;-)
Secondly Doug. As alot of you know Doug is really D's dog and this week he trained him for the first time. It went really well and Doug enjoyed it. As for D - yeah he enjoyed it too, just pretends not! They have a busy weekend ahead, training on SAt with Nick Chettle at Leads and Sunday with Toni Dawkins.
Thirdly, all my members! Lessons have been alot of fun this last couple of weeks, everyone in good spirits and focused on what they want to achieve this winter. The group sessions on Sunday were a riot! I had so much fun - just hope you all learnt something!
And last, but definitely not least, my family. Its lovely to have more evenings in together and be 'normal', Lily is very funny, new words everyday and a great sense of fun. Tantrums seem to be slightly less frequent this week - phew! And of course all the dogs. Kye is on the mend and full of himself - and we are so looking forward to the arrival of Maid. Part of the reason i don't blog as much as i should at the moment is i am spending too much time looking at Pup photos and Videos!
Lets hope this winter continues to make me this happy! ;-)

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