Harrjak Taylor Maid for Me

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So, thats it, decided (i think!) ;-)
Thankyou to everyone on the forum and facebook who have helped out - i ended up with too many good names - My other top ones were Harrjak Custom Made, and Harrjak Maid ya Mouth water (as in opal fruits!!!) But the final decision has to be Taylor Maid as Taylormade is a brand of Golf gear so we can get logo'd stuff - Sad but fun!!
I will get Daz to upload more current pics asap - shes so cute (yes i am biased!).
We had a busy weekend - At Leads on Sat seeing Nick Chettle - it did Dairin and Doug the world of good - a real confidence boost. It was so lovely to spend time with old friends ;-)
Kye was naughty again on Sat and went sprinting off and hurt himself so i was worrying about him all weekend and ended up taking him to the vets to have an anti sickness jab - did the trick thank goodness. I have really got to keep him calm! Boo is still slightly lame - much better thanks to SMART. Its her tummy muscles that are so sore yet she looks lame in her front leg - so nice to have experts involved in our dogs care.
On Sunday we went to a Toni Dawkins training session - very interesting to get another point of view and more ways of doing things. Doug was a good boy although a little hesitant. Fingers crossed for him next weekend when Daz and he compete ;-/
I have now uploaded the rest of the winter workshops and Sat private dates on to the events page - it includes another day at Rexon - please book early to avoid being disapointed.
I came down with a horrid cold yesterday - Lilys got it as well so fingers crossed i feel better for the weekend!
Finally a huge well done to Amanda and Flynn for winning their Agility Voice League! A huge achievement in their first yearat KC shows.
Next Time i will be doing a roll of honour of all the members who have moved up grades this year - theres so many of you - i hope i dont forget anyone!

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