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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...................Its so cold!!! the winter has hit so quickly and caught me unawares - there was frost on the ground at Monmouth on Sunday - a very stark reminder of why we don't do winter shows! That said, when the sun came out it was lovely and we had a most enjoyable day with our friends.
Special mention to Gail and Stitch - an amazing debut run - winning Grade 3 agility by 15secs! What a way to go grade 4! Well done to all our members who did well. It was lovely to see lots of people i train do some lovely runs even if they didn't quite manage to go clear - and they were so focused on acheiving there own goals from their training plan  - turns weren't ok if wide - contacts had to be nailed.....go guys!
More exciting news to announce - Sam has a new dog! Lola the terrier has just arrived - can't wait to meet her ;-) Billy is going on ok - still lame but happy to be out and about.
Scarey times for Jo this week - Meddler was hit by a car. Shes ok and going up to SMART next week for a fine tuning session. So worrying - our time with our dogs is so short and can go so easily - thats why we must enjoy them to the full! (I think SWAT spaniels should all be locked up in Oct!)
As for us.... We are all full of Man Flu and feeling a little sorry for ourselves! I really enjoyed teaching on Sat in the sunshine - great lessons. Dairin did well with Doug on Sunday in that he stayed calm! Doug is so so fast in training and really up for it yet at a show just can't be bothered. I am a little worried as he started so well.... Time will tell, i hope its just a phase as he gets to used to Dairin. Also we haven't been using the clicker very much which he loves and he's not working as often as i have been doing less so as not to confuse him......watch this space!
Tonight is the start of a new obedience course - last one before Xmas - and its full. Obedience is always such fun - a good way to start the week. Then a very busy week - i am full at the moment - no lesson space available so a waiting list in operation. Most of my 2011 workshops are full, just spaces on the G1-3 sessions. I am looking forward to the weekend again - Vicky is coming up Sat and i can't wait to see Trick work ;-) Then Sunday we are at a David munnings session - which i find very motivational. To top a great week off we have my niece Becca coming to stay ;-)
Hope you all have a nice week ahead of you!! xx

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  1. Gail Skinner

    Aaaw thanks for the special mention. It goes without saying folks...that Toni,Daz and all fellow SWATties at BHC were super supportive and encouraging(even if FREEZING cold)leading up to what turned out to be a dream run with a new dog.Nerves??? I was a pale faced,knee knocking wreck but having lots of positive faces around me on the day helped an untold amount.

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