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I am not in Lilys good books. Potty training started yesterday and is not going well! Lily is very happy to sit for hours on the potty and read books when she doesn't need to go - but when she needs to go (and she does know!) she will not go near it  - screams and screams! Then screams as it runs down her legs.......Needless to say this isn't enjoyable for anyone. I am reliably informed that it gets better!! Hopefully Maid will seem a doddle after this! (More pics tonight hopefully)
It seems very strange to not be working this week (except for Mon and Weds evenings). I enjoyed my lessons on Sat although i did get very wet ;-) Gill and Margaret made it fun as always! Vicky and Trick came up - he's so like his dad - what fun! Dairin has now rolled the barn so that will be in use from now on as and when its needed.
Sunday was a fun day - We went on a Dave Munnings session at Carols. Doug worked well for Dairin - he really is quite focused in training, and D now wants to get to grips with some of the basics which he usually hates!. Raq was a good boy after he'd given me a black eye by jumping out of his cage when i was in the way - still hurts now ;-( then raq got a splinter in his foot - so a right pair we were (and are!). Our Dave Munnings sessions in March are full except for one G1-3 slot - so if you know anyone that would like it....
We have had a fab week with my niece Becca staying - I think Lily wore her out ;-) I am now looking forward to getting Maid and life becoming even more hectic! The others are all plodding along - Kye still muzzled so no magic mushroom eating, Boo still slightly lame.....
This coming weekend i have one of my favourite workshops, Motivation / Working ahead - complete chaos but the dogs love it and it has such a huge effect on the dogs.
Thats if i survive the potty............

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