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First off, apologies to anyone who has a cancelled lesson in the last week (some people 2). Lily seems to be absolutely fine and then is suddenly sick - but always on a day i am teaching so she can't be left! Last Thurs and now today (tues).She isn't really ill, just off colour, but its not nice for her to keep being sick. Lots of toast and plain biscuits for the next few days is the plan. As i said i am sorry.........
Despite Lily being ill, the last week has been alot of fun. My parents have been staying which is lovely - so much fun to see Lily with them - its amazing how many times you can sing row, row, row your boat before going mad!
Maid is......well.......she should of been called madam! She is definitely the most confident and full on pup i have ever owned. She gets told off by the other dogs but bounces back immediately. Lily won't get off the sofa if Maid is awake - her favourite game is to hang off your trousers - even putting a hole in my dads!! Needless to say - we LOVE her!! ;-) It was so much fun to see her playing with Phaze at the weekend - tho she is a fatty in comparison!
The weekend was fun - i enjoyed teaching as usual on Sat - all fun and productive lessons. Then on Sunday a very early start to get to Rexon for the day. Big thankyou to Vicky for having Lily in the morning - she had a lovely time ;-) The sessions were alot of fun, and i hope useful. It was nice to end the day with the youngsters - all working in a new setting and coping really well. Meddler the wocker certainly held her own against the collies! I am starting to get excited about the next lot of SWAT pups to start competing........chaos will ensue!
On Monday i met with a breed society at Westpoint. We are negotiating to run a 3day KC open show in August alongside their Champ breed show. Final meeting is on Thurs so watch this space......
Hopefully my week will settle, no more illness! Off to SMART tomorrow- we are hoping to get the all clear on Boo. I have been doing lots of sprint work with her and she is staying sound. I have hardly worked Raq which is naughty but what i have done has been fun. He loves whatever agility we do. His left hand at speed 90 degree weave entry seems to be nearly there - although i have discovered that out of a straight tunnel his success rate plummets - thats the one to work now.
Then Dartmoor on Saturday - and celebrating Annies first grade 2 show - am so proud :-)))
And to top it all we are out for a meal Fri night (thanks for babysitting Nat), and a day at the aquarium Sunday - its never dull at the Keatings!! 

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    Sunday was awesome thankyou :-)

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