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Oh dear............i am going to sound like alot of other blogs that i don't like / believe as i am feeling very gushy!!! I have been totally overwhelmed by the kindness of some my members this week. I have had (honestly!!) about 5 or 6 emails / texts in the last 48 hours thanking me for my help. My aim is to  help people and help them have fun with their dogs so these messages have really boosted me (because lets face it - we all know i am not as confident as i seem!) and it would seem that i am acheiving my goals. To credit me with your success' is a bit too generous but i can cope!!! :- ) So thankyou - you know who you are!!
And what an amazing list of results from Dartmoor!! GO SWATties!!!
Full list of acheievments is on the agilitynet message board but i must mention Tim and Shadow going to Grade 5 and Mike and Rio winning G5 agility - G6 here you come!!! A huge achievement with your first ever agility dog - we are very proud of you.
The Keatings had alot of fun at Dartmoor - despite the cold and mud. Boo worked and got a 3rd with 5 faults - 2 runs and she stayed sound - phew. Raqs agility was amazing - great contacts- but a dropped pole. His jumpng was a 'Deesaaarster Darling' ( yes i am watching too much strictly!) but all my fault. I know he is a pull not a push dog but i decided to take a chnace and got e'd - then was annoyed with myself so it all went wrong and lots of poles went. Nevermind - he had fun! And yes i will learn to do it properly! Doug was a good boy - 1st indoor show and he stayed fairly focused and completed the courses - at a decent speed -Dairin almost looked like he enjoyed it! 
So back to training this week. Doug is learning to target a treat bag (very posh black and white one - thanks SWAG) so we can send him on to it so D has promised to do some work at home with him. Boo is still all about fitness work - Both her and Raq need to do some stamina training - so we are buying a treadmill - its the only way with the dark nights and Lily.
As for Maid.......what can i say??!! she is mental!! but fab ;-) Full of energy - i can't wait to be able to take her out and about as i hope that will mentally drain her. I am doing some clicker work with her each day as that seems to help her relax! Her first 5 minute session included : Loading the clicker; hand touching; and downs. All achieved in 5 minutes! We have progressed to a sit on her 3rd session and i intend to start working though various tricks (involving proprioception work where possible) - she already curls up on the wobble cushion as they are left lying about. I will try and upload some pics soon (or get Daz to!). I am planning to take her to an obedience class in the next couple fo weeks to help her attention. I don't want to over work her but without mental stimulus shes a hooligan!!
Right off to feed Lily before Obedience classes tonight - lots of fun and lovely people ( Oh dear.........i really am gushy!!!) xx

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