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The next few weeks will be a time of change for us as Dairin has got a new job working for Red Bull Formula One team. Its in Milton Keynes sohe will be away Mon - Fri. I am going to miss him very much but think i can cope as its only til March - fingers crossed he enjoys it and Lily and I manage without him! Thankyou to everyone who is offering to help us out with babysitting - i shall be in touch soon!
All the 2011 workshops are now fullwoth the exception of one grade 3+4 place at Rexon on 20th March, and a couple of G1-3 places on the Martin Tait training day in Feb - Let me know if you want a space.
For Christmas i will be putting up a big card inthe barn which everyone is welcome to write on  - this way we won't all have to do cards and the money we save we can donate to charity - hope everyone approves. I am getting lots of message s about peoples dresses for the Xmas meal - i can't wait to see everyone "Glam!" I finally started my present shopping today!
This last week has been busy but i have managed to train the dogs. Maid had her first road walk and took it in her stride - bit too eager to speak to everyone but thats manageable. I also took her to a puppy class where she did fab ;-) Gave me all the behaviours i asked for and learnt some new ones. However when the other big dogs were doing recalls and heelwork she screamed! I managed to get her to play tuggy but goodness me..... She is going to be a handful in group sessions!
Others are all fine - Boo still sound, Raq as loopy as ever, Doug loving his treat bag, and Kye misbehaving!!
Off to do some wrapping!!

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