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Yesterday was the last workshop of 2010. I really enjoyed the day despite it being so cold! We are now on the slow down to Xmas as far as training is concerned. We always give our dogs a few weeks break from agility over the festive season - they deserve a well earned rest although they continue to be exercised well so as to remain fit and healthy.
Whilst the workshops in the New year are fully booked my head is still spinning with other sessions i would like to run - i just don't have the time. I wish i could find a way to slot them all in! Last year i ran a one day Jump clinic that i thoroughly enjoyed and i received lots of good feedback from it. As of yet i haven't got a date set for another but its nagging at me as i see so many people who are struggling with issues that can so easily be sorted. Similarly, i would like to do a Train the Trainers day covering the basics of being an instructor and also a basic skills day where all the skills that we should start our dogs with are covered - so often dogs are taught the equipment and then off they go. Handlers then wonder why they can't steer their dog round the course......I reguarly ask handlers to tell me what their commands mean - generally they hesitate before giving a very unsure answer - if they don't know immediately how can the dog?! A good exercise for all handlers is to write down their command system - does it make sense??
But time is of the essence and none of these workshops are particuarly relevant to my members as we cover all of these issues in their weekly lessons. Maybe i need to mind my own business (literally!) So i will no doubt stick to handling, motivation, striding and contact sessions as they are relevant to all.
But still i wonder how others fit so many sessions in......I am even full for Private lessons ......I feel very guilty telling people i can put them on a waiting list but i have no space at the moment. Maybe i need to rethink my timetable.......who knows!!
Obedience classes have also stopped until the New Year - i am thoroughly enjoying working the basics with Maid - she seems to be a quick learner and is pushing me to develop my skills with the clicker!
I am looking forward to next Saturday night and our Xmas meal - the girls are going Glam! So we probably won't all recognise each other ;-)
We are going to do a Club Walk again between Xmas and New Year - details to follow very soon.
Lets hope the snow holds off and i still get to see you all in the week!

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