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We ended our agility for 2010 on Sunday at the Leads Xmas Fun show - we had a really enjoyable day. The company was great - lots of laughs - at my expense i feel! - and the dogs worked well. Its lovely to watch our members run and look back at how far they have come on in the last year, very rewarding :-) Special well don eto Sam and Heidi for their first ever clear ;-)
I was really happy with our dogs. Dairin and Boo had 2 clears despite D getting lost! Boo as usual gave everything to Dairin, she tries so hard and wants to please. Its such a relief that she is staying sound - thank goodness for the SMART Clinic.
Raq went clear in the agility and only got e'd in the jumping due to me saying the wrong command - doh! He has become a lot more sensible and is really listening - i will never know when i stand on the start line what he's going to be like as sometimes he will still go mental but most of the time he is now trying to be sensible and not take off quite so soon! It was amazing to watch Trick his son as he was so like Raq - massive leaps, wild eyes and so so fast! I love running Raq and have really accepted this year that it doesn't matter what we qualify for and how many trophies we get - its the joy of having a ferrari for a dog that truly counts - and i am so pleased that vicky will get that pleasure as well.
Doug worked well for me considering Dairin has been running him and now he's back to me - With D being away mon - fri its just not feasible for him to train Doug little and often which is what he needs, so i am taking him back for a while to see how we do - who knows if i'll keep him or not! If he starts winning again i am sure D will want him!! ( good job he doesn't read this!) Looking at the videos of Doug from Sunday i am pleased - he yet again couldn't find the weave entry yet is fine in training so more and more practice. He is going quite fast and powering ahead but gets distracted once he has to turn - so lots of turning and rewarding for him - back to basics. But i am pleased with how far this little man has come. I love him to bits although could happily murder him when he's screaming!!
And then theres Maid........what can i say.........:-)
I went in to the corner of the arena and asked for all her tricks with the dogs barking and working......she did them all! I was so so pleased!! I also asked her to play tuggy and chase it and also run and get it - again no problems. She was fab - it gave me a real buzz. It is so difficult for me to get the chance to work her around agility as i am always teaching so it was great opportunity although i wasn't keen on doing it all infront of people - but she put my mind at rest. So off we go on a new set of tricks...i am plugging away at lifting the back legs, she will do it but insists on turning sideways to me so she leans on me! I am going to try a new approach. I also want to teach leg weaving, standing on my feet and perfecting the rear pivots / heel position over the Xmas break - watch this space!
And Kye dog - the reason i do agility - he's still being a very naughty boy and he knows he will get away with it! I owe so much to this dog.....and just to see him happy to be out running and pottering around equipment makes me very very happy. I wonder how much chocolate he will steal this Xmas.....!
So there you have it  - all the Keating pack summed up as 2011 fast approaches. Lots to work on, lots to be proud of, lots to be very grateful for.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all my members for their support this year - its been quite a hard one but we have made it through. Also to wish Kim, Sarah and Dani Good Luck for Olympia this weekend - we shall be watching with everything crossed!
Dairin, Lily and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a  happy, peaceful new year

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