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Happy new year!
I hope you have had a fun and relaxing festive season and managed to avoid the many bugs that are doing the rounds. Apologies to everyone who has already had lessons cancelled - Lily and i have been wiped out by the nasty 'flu'bug. We do at least seem on the up but by no means are we fighting fit - a horrible way to see in the new year - thank goodness my parents were staying and could look after us!
We are not the only ones - lots of friends are ill or having disaster strike already - so many hopes for 2011 and already its turning out to be a bit of a disaster!
Lets hope all the bad stuff is getting out of the way at the beginning.....
As we have been ill - our dogs have had a complete rest - no training at all for the last 3 weeks - which will have done them good. I was hoping to start doing a little more with Maid but as she has injured her front leg its all on hold - i am hoping its not too serious but i won't be happy until the SMART clininc gives her a checkover next week. Thnak goodness i have an expert that i trust.
For lots of reasons a few people have had to pull out of some of the workshops - so feel free to give me a call and see if i have a space on the one you want!
Despite all the doom and gloom - i am excited about the up coming year - it was lovely to fill in my first entry form of the year - with qualifiers as well! Bring on 2011 - even with our toned down amount of shows!!
have fun training and competing - whatever level you are at xxx

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