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This last week has been lovely :-)
Firstly Lily and I are both well again - I am still tired but at last i am sleeping again without coughing non stop! Lily is manic! she is full of beans and eating me out of house and home making up for not eating for a week, its fab to have her back making me laugh!
The dogs are all back in work - Kye loving his solo walks - muzzled so no scavenging! Boo lots of sprint work, and Dairin did some contacts with her at the weekend and she was flying and so happy to be with her dad :-) Raq is working really well having had 4 weeks off - until today when i put the jumps back to full height and chaos! He was pole dropping all over the shop - so lots of grids for him this week - all to be expected when hes had a lay off.
As for the babies - yay!!!!!
Doug is flying and turning really tight and fast with the poles on the floor. So i will soon put the poles up a little - but if the speed drops, we will go back down. He only loses concentration at a show when he has to turn tight so i am determined to get him driving through his turns.
And Maid - off to SMART tomorrow to hopefully get the all clear - she seems fine on her leg now and she is loving working at the field :-) and it means we get peace in the evenings! She is happily driving on to a dead toy (as long its a ball!) through 2 wings, and today we started some wing wrap work - again she loved it! Last night she did all her tricks in the village hall infront of 2 other dogs and stayed focused - her waitis were the only thing not as good. So i am one very happy mummy!!
And then there are my clients/ friends/ members - I have had some real fun in my lessons since i started back last week - lots of laughs, lots of successes, and lots of people thanking me for helping them with their training - makes me very happy!
And there are so many things to look forward to this year - lots of pups starting to compete, dogs back from injury, and our own dogs feel very ready for the season ahead. of course that will probably all go out the window at the first show when Raq goes wild!! but i wouldn't have him any other way! I have very little video footage of Kye which i really regret so i have been collecting Raq footage - sorry to all my Facebook friends - boring you with him :-) but hey i LOVE his contacts!
Hmmmmmm................this blog is so gushy - sorry - but i guess i am very happy with my lot at the moment! Happy Days!!!

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  1. Sally Jones

    Loving the gushing Toni :-) I love to read positive stuff as it enhances my own positive mental state. I hope Maid got the all clear. Can't wait to see thosse ears in real life ;-) Cheers Sally

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