Thankfullness - is that a word?!

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Not sure it is but i am! I am very very thankful today, especially to friends who have been so supportive.
Maid went in for Xrays today on her elbow - SMART picked up last week that she is standing on the outside of her paw to protect the elbow joint........soft tissue injury, bad habit shes learnt from being in pain or a possible bone injury.....SMART staff were fab - honest but calm. Me? PANIC!!!!!!!
I KNOW they are cautious with me as its me and also because they know i have high hopes for Maid - don't we all start out with huge dreams when they are this age? ;-) but goodness me i was panicked. And i felt guilty - it was an accident - she ran into the door frame! But even so.....
So this morning off i went and signed that dreaded consent form - never gets easier. And then spent the day worrying - thank goodness for the WOW toddlers group at mine this morning - they certainly took my mind off it!!! Anyway i got to go and get her at 4.30pm. I felt sick....
But the Xrays are clear - not even a hint of an issue - growth plates look good....and when she was coming round she walked normally (back to loading the outside now again tho) I was told that the next 2 months are still crucial, any concerns and more Xrays immediately but prognosis is good.
So tomorrow i will be on to the phone to SMART to book her in for inpatient care - they can achieve in a week what i can only hope to do in a month!
I feel so thankful, grateful and optimistic - the dreams are creeping back in....  :-)
Also great news for another SWAT dog Ace - phew!
And the Meddler and Wren went to SMART today and the staff were very pleased with them - yay!
As for training, ups and downs.
Up - Raq. I did  a session with Dave Munnings at Carols on Sunday and he nailed both my winter training projects - the right angled fast weave and the 'miss' command. He was a little wild to start but settled and did some lovely turns, fast contacts etc. I was happy.
Down- doug. He has been doing so well in his little sessions. So Weds i had the chance to do him in a group at my field - it was as if i'd done no training. The moment another dog is in the area he goes slower - as if hes keeping his eye on it. So the same happened on Sunday at Carols. To be fair he did work for 2 and half hours and he normally does 5 mins! So i HAVE to get him with other dogs and thats my new project.....watch this space as i have some ideas!
So, what a week. And through it all Lily has made me laugh - another amazing thing to be thankful for........xx

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