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Thats how i am feeling ......ho hmmmmm. Think its probably that i am very tired. Last week i thought Lily was fragile with Dairin being away, but it turns out she was going down with nasty stuff :-(  She has a huge tonsil, both ears have an infection and she is cutting her last 2 back teeth - no wonder she was out of sorts! Antibiotics and pain killers are helping but her tummy is suffering so last night was hard work......More sleep needed tonight!
So i think thats why i feel a little "ho hmmm" :-)
Lessons have been good - apologies to anyone who has been cancelled. The handling sessions on Sunday were good fun and there were some great performances. Lovely to see Tilly and Dooley being so up for it!
This weekend will be manic - Dairin and I are both teaching all day Saturday at Dervish - Lily gets to have a day out with Nat and leo, which she will love! And then Sunday martin is coming to SWAT for the day - so i will be running one of our dogs all day.
I haven't managed to work Doug this week at all due to Lily being ill, but
i did put him over a few jumps on Sunday with other dogs around barking and he stayed focused. So fingers crossed for Sunday - i feel this will be a major test for him even though its only really been 3 weeks that i have been focusing on the targeting.
Similarly the others haven't really done a lot this week - i did put Kye over some small height jumps to check he was ok before entering any veterans - typically he screamed all the way round! Boo and raq will both work Sunday.
Maid is back at SMART clinic next week and i am already feeling anxious - i know i haven't done as much physio as i should with her, and whilst she doesn't seem lame she does still stand weird! On the subject of weird - the ears are on the way back up it would seem!
I must start using her brain more again as well - more tricks needed!
Finally to Lesley, Theresa, Annie and Su - thankyou for the kind words - you made my week!! :-)

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