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Just a quick blog - life is manic and lots going on!
I had a fun weekend - Dairin and I taught at Dervish in the gales on Saturday - a fun bunch who really attacked everything we threw at them.
Then on Sunday Martin came to us. I ran Doug in the morning who did some good work but tired towards the end - the targeting worked and he had more drive and speed - i even manged some really good layering.
Raq in the afternoon - i so love working this dog - he put a smile on my face for the whole session - did everything i asked :-) It was a fun bunch of people and Martin worked us hard!
Dairin is full of a cold so a busy weekend didn't do him any good - he's back at work to rest! Lily is nearly better thank goodness and enjoying some extra time with mummy this week (so am i!)
Tomorrow is hanging over me - Back to SMART with all the woofs except Doug - hes fine! I hate to admit but i think Maid is lame again - she has seemed sound and the leg seemed slightly better even though shes still standing weird. But yesterday and today she definitely doesnt look right - i am dreading what Lowri will say....nothing i can do now......
I'll post when i know more.
Training wise i am looking forward to the weekend - Motivation session on Sunday morning - always a chaotic but fun session - lots of young developing dogs. Then in the afternoon striding and turning - a food for thought session usually....we shall see!!

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  1. Claire Dell

    The very best of luck at SMART - I am thinking of you both xx

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