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a quick update on Maids visit to SMART today as so many of you have been kind enough to ask.....
I am basically being a little paranoid! Whoops! She is lame - on her back right leg and only very  very slightly - she just a little sore but because i watch her like a hawk i noticed but couldn't tell it was from the back - i assumed (panic!) it was the injured front leg.
The front right is coming on well, still sore behind the shoulder blade hence the funny stance but even that has markedly improved - so all heading in the right direction!
Lowri has told me to stop panicking unless she is on 3 legs! Shes growing and she a mad thing so bumps and aches will occur..........i don't ever remember being such a worrier with the boys.
And whilst i remember....club news......Pam and Shevi got their first ever clear round at the weekend - a proper clear, in time!! Hoorah!! That was this years aim - and achieved at their first show. Just to top it off they then got a 3rd! Go Shevi!!!

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