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" People may not always live what they profess, but they will always live what they believe" (Dr Neil T Anderson)
I am really enjoying my teaching at the moment - i think my recent blogs have made that clear. I am feeling very grateful for my family and friends - i miss Dairin but i feel very lucky that we have each other and still want each other! again i hope that comes across in my blogs and if you meet me...................
But when i spend time alone, on the net, surfing sites, blogs, facebook etc i start to become a little .......agitated, frustrated, confused, dissatisfied, ...all of these!
The world we live in allows us to gain lots of information very quickly. It allows people to reach out to a wider audience quicker than ever before, and our opinions can become widely known. This can be a good thing, but it also raises lots of problems.
So why all this rambling on an agility site?!?!?  I become all of the above emotions with regards to agility....and yet its meant to be fun, meant to be something that gives me pleasure and on a day to day basis it does! If only  i could stop myself from being nosey and finding out what others are doing. But then i also want to challenge myself to become better and more knowledgable at what i do. So the net becomes a double edged sword.
But the opening quote has helped me.....i am no longer looking at what people profess, what they say and write. I am looking at what they do.
If in fact " people may not always live what they profess, but they will always live what they believe" then if my behaviour is 'off' i need to correct what i believe.
So i will look at peoples actions..... does their behaviour back up what they say they believe and how they say they want to  live their lives? If they state how much they love their dogs and yet those dogs spend very little time with  them.......then what they profess is not what they actually believe. Similarly if they state they like to be upfront and honest and yet tell others what is wrong but not the person involved.......
Are they training people / dogs for enjoyment or is it all about the ego, the money etc.......
I know what I believe, most people who know me, know what i believe! I know how i want to run my business..... if my behaviour doesn't match - please put me back on track!!!

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    That's deep for a Monday afternoon! jx

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