Rollercoaster Ride

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Thats how life feels at the moment - a rollercoaster ride.
I was so excited about Carn Brea on Sunday as my last blog showed :-) but then last week i started with a cold and by Sunday i felt rubbish! And more importantky i had almost lost my voice.... not good news for running my boys. It would seem that me being less than enthusiastic works well tho - Doug got a 2nd and Raq a 1st - their other runs only had faults because i couldn't call so i was very impressed! Will i stay that calm for the rest of the season? i doubt it!
I did enjoy my day and it was nice to see friends and also to see some of them get some fab results! (Daz will be updating the news page with results later tonight!) But it was a day that was tinged with sadness as a very close friends mum had died. Certainly puts the importance of agility into perspective.......
So this week is my first week on my summer timetable - later evenings and no weekends - except this week i am doing evenings, Friday and Saturday ......hmmm! Friday i am teaching at Humber Hounds all day and the forecast is good - i am really looking forward to seeing so many old friends.
Hopefully D starts back at work next so normal routines will begin. Both he and Lily have caught my bug - she sounds very cute with a hoarse throat prro thing :-) !! It would definitely seem that she is lactose intolerant - we had a severe reaction to milk today - so no easter eggs for her :-(
Can i remind members to please let us know any results you get so we can post them on the news page - even if we are with you at a show - so many results mean we do forget sorry! So texts and emails on Sundays please!
Have a good week - enjoy your friends and family and your canine family xx

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