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This past week has been as chaotic as usual - not helped by Dairin still being off work and all of us having a horrid cold.
I have had a very busy week teaching - 6 days and my first long evenings - all very enjoyable especially due to the lovely sunshine. Long may it continue! I am also happy that we are finally getting our act together organising the May show :-) I will be happy when the entries close next week and we have final numbers..... you really can't make plans based on anything yet as the last week seems to be so busy and the numbers increase hugely!
Friday i taught at Humber hounds - a lovely day amongst lots of good friends and people really enjoying their dogs whatever level they are at. Its fab to see people really celebrate small but hugely important achievements - a 2 jump wait for instance. Sometimes we forget the simple pleasures and are too wrapped up in the big goals and dreams.
So why 'Gut instinct' as a title? On Weds i made a Doctors appointment for Lily as i know she really wasn't well - it felt more than a simple cold. Dairin took her (sure he thought i was being paranoid) but i could see her tonsils were up. Doctor assured all was fine - just a cold. This weekend she went down hill, and by Sunday i was not happy and made an out of hours appointment. Again Dairin said not to be so silly. (her temperatutre had hit 39) Anyway she has bad tonsilitis - both covered in white spots and her tummy glands are also swollen hence why she has tummy pains... Penicillin duly given.
My Mothers Gut Instinct had been spot on - i don't take her to the doctors unless i am really concerned - it all felt wrong. Annoying that she had to get so poorly before being sorted but i do understand that Doctors treat the immediate.
The link to dog training? Well, i think a good trainer can learn their craft, go on courses, get qualifications etc. And these are important. A good trainer should also have good people training skills - you need to be able to communicate with the owners or you have no hope of helping them. BUT, a great trainer will have the gut instinct to offer correct advice, methods to correctly help the handler and dog. Not necessarily use one system for all, not use the same bench marks for all, will celebrate small achievements that are important to that dog - maybe different to each............ Dogs and people are not all the same and need to be treated differently.
If your trainer has only one system, one method, then that is fine if you and your dog fit the right criteria, but if not............  
But having different methods means you have to admit you may not always get it right, you may need to try different things, but usually your 'gut instinct' will guide you correctly.
This week is meant to be slightly quieter (we shall see!), and i am looking forward to getting a little more rest - i am getting old it seems!
I am really looking forward to Wallingford - it seems the rest of the world is busy competing but our season starts 'proper' this Sunday - we are only doing the one day -and i am excited about it - SWAT teams running for the first time this year - YAY!! - chaos but fun :-)
Hope you all have a good week xx

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