"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart" Helen Keller

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This quote really sums up how i am feeling at the moment - another gushy blog :-)
I am feeling so happy with my family - Dairin and Lily make me smile and feel so proud on a daily basis. The moments of complete stress and panic that exists within any house that has small children , are far out weighed by some 'magic moments'...  I never believed someone so small could make me so happy :-)
And those feelings then overflow into every area of my life. SWAT is gooing well at the moment - some great achievements by members of all levels - but more importantly a lovely sense of support and kindness between members - a true club spirit. Thankyou to all of you !
2 achievements i must mention,
- Jo and Meddler won Grade 3 agility today at their first kC show - WOW!!!
- Rachel and Belle  got a 3rd , their  first ever trophy, which they have worked so hard for.
So very pleased for you both - you deserve the success as you have worked so hard - well done.
Humdrum stuff - Dairin starts back at Westland tomorrow - we have really enjoyed the time we have had together but the money will be appreciated! Lily is much better - and i am happy to report fully potty trained - yay!!! Dogs are all ok.
Today at Wallingford we had  so much fun - a happy day.  Boo came 2nd in G7 jumping which was nice as she is so hampered by injury - Daz is doing lots of massage on her and its really helping. Teams went well but no elusive 4 clears - close but not quite there! Doug was a little off today - i really pushed his weaves - asking him for right hand weaves which he blasts through at our field but in public he goes shy and panics. He managed to do them on his 2nd attempt - good boy, and i felt we had achieved something. But he was shattered for his other runs and the heat got to him. We need to work around how to feed him before a show... that is really affecting him.
As for Raq :-) I so love running him - always keeps me on my toes  - we had a fab run - edge of the seat stuff in G7 agility but just clipped the last part of the long jump - ah well - he had fun!
So, i suspect i won't be doing a blog for a couple of weeks as we go away on Thursday for 10 days in Cornwall - Lots of shows and fun with friends.
I hope you all have a good Easter - whatever you are doing. Maybe see you at a show!

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