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We are now counting down the days to our Show - more or less everything is done that can be done before hand so now i am impatient to be on site and get going!
We have already had so much help from people - thanks again to Trudy and Allan who gave up most of their weekend to help us mark the field and sort out rosettes etc. The ground is looking good - phew! So i wonder what people will find to complain about? I am much more prepared for the moans this year - hopefully no tears from me this time! I am also aware that after last year people will be overly critical of the ground - but i know that this year its fine - the same as lots of other field that host shows so i am not going to stress myself out...... well - thats the plan!!
I am not looking forward to leaving Lily at my sisters even though i know she will have a fab time - alot more fun than being stuck with us and i am so very lucky to have such a supportive family. But still  - leaving her will be hard..... She is so much fun to be around, full of energy and learning so much - it still amazes how happy she makes us :-)
The dogs have had a busy weekend spending most of it at the field running around - the evenings have been very peaceful! I have been rubbish at doing Dougs physio so i am going to make an effort to be more disciplined this week! Maid is getting more and more feisty - naughty pup at the field but loving and calm at home - that lovely balance that we enjoy with Raq - hopefully she will enjoy her agility as much as him.
I taught at Celestine club in Bristol on Saturday and had a lovely day meeting new people. It was so rewarding to watch dogs with jump issues do some grid work, use their heads and problem solve right before your eyes - it always makes me smile - especially the handlers reactions!
My train the trainers session is now nearly full - so after the show i will seeking out some stooge dogs - i need certain types so will be asking around! I think that all the basics can be covered in a day - it is a perfect introduction or refresher for trainers - if anything more than that is required then trainers should be going on the Agility clubs course to get a RECOGNISED qualification - their course is excellent - but very tiring!
I doubt that i will be blogging for a while now - a busy week ahead!
Hope to see some of you at our show xx

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  1. Claire

    Glad its not just me being bad about my dog's physio. Well excited about this weekend - its gonna be a good one.

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