A hectic fortnight!

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So - I am back on the blog - I survived our show! :-)
This year it went really well - we had alot more help from alot more members - and everyone knew what they were doing - and DID it!
THANKYOU!! a huge thankyou to all our helpers - we really couldn't have done it without you.
We have had lots of facebook messages, emails and texts from people saying how much they enjoyed it - people we don't really know - so lovely that they took the time out to thank us when many people in this day and age just want more and demand better - always looking to moan. We had a KC inspection and got a completely clean bill of health - hurray!!
We even had time to walk our own dogs :-)
New for this year was Dairins challenge - it was a hit - more so than we could have hoped for and the final on Saturday evening had a great atmosphere - even if i was heckled! Well done to all the finalists.
There are some great photos of the whole event on www.dartmoor-animal-photographer.co.uk  I love the team SWAT one.
It has taken us a whole week to finish sorting everything out - including picking Lily up from my sisters where she had a fab holiday - despite getting chicken pox! Great Timing Lily :-) Luckily her aunt and cousins weren't phazed and I suspect she got better care than she would have done had she been with me normally, nevermind whilst we were doing the show.
I knew I wouldn't totally relax until Friday night when we were all camped up at Wye - it was a lovely moment - sat in the sun, relaxing with a beer in hand :-) The weekend ahead of us.....
And what a weekend! A rollercoaster ride of emotions.
I had probably the most successful single day I have ever had with Raq on Saturday - 4 clear rounds. He won 2 classes - lovely runs - such a good boy :-)
That meant we were invited into the superstars final for the first year the larges have ever been invited. He then went clear in the agility endurance qualifier - i was shattered! So the final - The jumping speed class. Again a HUGE course - and another clear yay!!!! And he won :-)  What a clever boy - i am a very proud mummy.
However, due to the extra long courses i could hardly walk the next day! So poor Raq had to decide on courses for himself - whoops!
Doug however did 2 clears - a 4th in 1-7 agility and then he won 3-5 agility qualifying for the proplan final in September. So he is now grade 5 - not really ready for it - but he concentrated better this weekend then ever before - still not training speed but getting there!
Other SWATties had good results over the last 2 weekends - must just mention Claire and Wren going grade 5 (winning by 4 seconds!), Lyn and Lexi going Grade 6, and Camilla and Flori for their first ever clear!
Well done also to Olivia and mary for getting placed at their first ever KC show - go the ABC's!
But all of this was rather overshadowed by other events.
The awful moment when you realise that the ambulance arriving on the showground is for a much loved friend and member of SWAT.... I felt sick.
Thankfully Sue is out of hospital, and waiting to see her own doctor. I think all SWATties have had her and Sam in their thoughts and prayers this weekend.
Our thoughts are also with Amanda and Shane as their dear friend Debbie (with spaniel Belle) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly today at such a young age - I only met Debbie a few times but she was a kind and happy person who always made me smile........
Life can seem very hard and unfair at times, be kind to those you meet, be honest to those who you interact with, and to your loved ones - make sure they know how much you love them.

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