"Some of the best lessons are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future" Dale Turner

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This week has not gone according to plan. I have had a few moments of panic and despair but have now got myself sorted!
We had a couple of hectic weeks which had been a huge adrenaline rush and ultimatley been successful, with our own show and then culminating with Wye valley and the fab results i had with my dogs. The downer being Daz not being well on the Saturday. At some point we had to come back down to real life - and this we did with a bump!
Dairin has continued to feel under the weather - more migraines this week - so cancelled lessons for me as he was unabke to look after Lily in the evenings. Off to the doctors this week he goes :-)
And then Thames - for us the biggest show of the year as we are not doing KC festival this year. Well, admittedly the weather didn't help as the rain was non-stop today and we got soaked. Lily loved the puddles - silver lining and all that.
But i was a rubbish handler..... I just could not get on top of my game. If i am honest, I got very cross with myself but still no improvement! It was a very chaotic day on Saturday with all 3 Grade 7 courses up first thing including Champ......  The whole morning was non-stop running to rings, fetching dogs, walking courses - Doug got well and truly forgotten and still managed a win. I was feeling more and more guilty that Lily was not really having any fun - no family time for us.....
Thank goodness for homemade cakes (thanks Annette and Jo) and a fun Chinese on Saturday night.
So, what were my mistakes - and how will i improve?
I am SO silly. Why did i decide not to do KC festival? because it is so big i found it too tiring with Lily in tow walking back and fore all day long with 3 dogs.... And thats basically the same for Thames. I love the mix of small and big shows that we have always done - but the big shows are just not suitable for us at the moment - no time for family stuff and therefore the agility goes to pot as well - so nothing achieved. Shows like Wye and Tuffley seem ok - maybe 9 rings is our max, maybe its the layout of the rings, the distance to the camping. I don't know. But i do know that until Lily is older, and we are less busy and tired then the very big shows are off our calendar.  And oh my goodness it will only get worse next year when we have Maid competing as well!
Having kids changes your life - some people stop their hobbies altogether. We haven't but we have modified it slightly - and we will continue to do so. I am just cross that i didn't realise before this weekend - and then i could have just scrubbed some runs at the outset and enjoyed my weekend alot more!

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