" Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself " William Faulkner

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For me - the above quote sums up my agility aims and goals. I want to do the best that I can personally do with each of my dogs. That doesn't mean setting out to beat certain other people / clubs or gain certain titles - it means to be able to sit back and know in my heart i am happy with what I have achieved.
And this weekend I was very very happy with little Doug :-)
On Saturday, Doug could not weave in the ring - he was distracted and didn't finish a full set of weaves. SMART have been telling me he is very stiff in the back and I have stretches and heat packing to do - I hadn't done them Friday night. So I had let Doug down, I hadn't done the best I could do.
Saturday night - heat packs and stretches! Sunday - he weaved! Better than that he won the 3-5 agility qualifying again for the pro-plan finals and was part of the winning team dash team - The SWAT Squatties have done it!! We won by 3 seconds!!! The Dash Finals here we come - and in our first year of running a meduim team :-) I am so so proud of the whole team - but I admit I never thought Doug would get the results he has. 2 finals in one year - GO DOUG!!
I must say that he wouldn't be doing any of this if it wasn't for Trudys help - she makes me train him and her dogs keep him calm at ringside - Doug is happy to do a baton swap with Chip and not try and eat him! Also to SMART as he is so much happier after treatment, hopefully he wont always be so sore, as he does really enjoy agility.
Raq and i didn't quite get it together this weekend - a few 5 faults with fastest time - but we had fun.
Dairin and Boo were back on form - 1st and 2nd. So nice to see them doing well again. Well done to everyone who competed at the weekend.
I really enjoyed Golden valley - lots of family / friend time - Lily had great fun playing at the neighbours! Lots of laughs in the evenings - if a little too much wine :-)
Yesterday was Lilys 3rd birthday - she was so excited and had a fab day. She was spoilt rotten by so many of our friends - Thankyou. I can't believe she is 3 - the time has flown by - Dairin and I both agree that being her parents is the best thing we have ever done. Scarey just how much you love them!
Which brings me back full circle to my opening quote. Maybe I am very lucky to have a family and friends that I so enjoy and love - or maybe its just that I appreciate how lucky I am...... But the fun to be had at agility with them all, and my dogs, is the reason I do it. If there was no fun - then I would stop. Its not about chasing a dream, beating others etc -but I do go out to win - because I want to be the best that I can be - the best Mum, wife, friend and then agility handler - ALWAYS that order - even at shows.
So I make my life decisions based on that - I currently need to be thinking about my winter training slots - do I stay as I am or move things around - How will it impact Dairin and Lily if I swop things a little? Decisions decisions :-)
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