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The last few weeks have been very busy - my teaching days have been long and crammed full of lessons. Its been good fun with some courses that I have loved teaching on - Obstacle discrimination is such fun to teach - Lightbulb moments for dogs and handlers a like!!
The rest of the time has been paperwork galore. I have been trying to finish the ring plans / helpers list /  etc etc for the August show. Then its been trying to sort out my diary for the rest of 2011 - its strange planning so far ahead but it has to be done - especially as I am taking the whole of August off (Well - running a show at the beginning and competing at the end - but a week on a beach will be nice!!).
So the winter training dates have been announced and then ...... all hell broke loose! I had so many emails / texts in the first 24 hours i couldn't cope! Thankyou so much to everyone for being organised and also for wanting to train with me - I can't believe so many dates are already full.
I have made some changes this year - hoping to streamline my winter hours and teach new courses - in the process i have decided to stop teaching obedience and move my group lessons around. It will be interesting to see if it works - but i felt it was time for a change.
Other news to be announced soon - watch this space!!
So i have missed blogging about a few weeks shows - there have been some great results - please check out the news page for all the details.
I won't go into detail about our woofs show performances - but i will say that i really really enjoyed Tuffley - it felt like a holiday ;-) Probably why i managed to give my best performance yet in Champ (My winter training of weaves worked!!) I am also glad that the new weave distances are coming into regulation - We were in Cornwall this weekend and Raq couldn't cope yet again with the old Alva weaves - just too narrow. Ah well - soon a thing of the past.....
On Sunday I had a really enjoyable days teaching for Carn Brea - mainly people I hadn't taught before. Despite scaring them half to death initially I think everyone enjoyed it - I did!
This weekend its Train the Trainer day - I am really looking forward to it with friends old and new.
T xx

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