Chaotic Weekend!

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Well......what a weekend!
The show actually went well - Dairin and Boo had two seconds and we came second in the pairs so qualifying for the final in September - I was delighted to go clear! Raq was definitely much happier outdoors.
But oh the stress of having a poorly baby with us - Lily went down with our cough and struggled to sleep - i felt sorry for the people in the room next to us in the Travel Lodge! The worst thing was that we were unable to feed her easily as no where would warm up her food due to health and safety - Tesco's, Travel Lodge and the Potato van at the show all refused, and as she will not eat cold food................you can imagine! I offered to sign a disclaimer i was so desperate! Camping stove is now going to stay permanently in the van!
Travel Lodge also made us pay the new £20 fee per dog, even though we had booked and paid for the room when it was only £10. So definitely no more staying with them! Thank goodness we have got our caravan!
So hopefully a good weeks training ahead - and a healthy Keating family ready for Easter!

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