" No man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way, is without enemies" Daisy Bates

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A common theme for my recent blogs is me feeling the need to apologise for not keeping up to date with them! It really has been a very busy time for us but the biggest problem has been me feeling so ill.
 As most of you who read this already know i am expecting again  - and feeling as  ill as last time! But this time my doctor has reacted alot quicker and the drugs  have really helped, thank goodness. I am due March 19th - the consensus being that I will probably have it in February as Lily was 6 weeks early for no reason. So yet another time of excitement and change.
As we did last time I will continue to teach up to the day I give birth - and then I will take 6 weeks off. Groups will continue to run - Dairin will take them. I will then gradually return  back to my normal hours -with baby in a sling :-) until its old enough to go to childcare. A true family business! Thankyou to everyone  who has been so supportive thus far!
So our 3 day show has come and gone - overall a success.We have had texts and emails from people we don't know thanking us and saying how much they enjoyed it. The issues that we did have we believe we can solve for next year with careful communication with the breed show.
Thank you so much to all our members and friends who helped run the 3 days - I really was very worried about how much help we would get especially with me ill, but we had so much support, thank you!
The down side to the show was the 'rumours' which preceeded it. I got a few phone calls from people with the strangest questions about things they had heard - all not true. Also that we were low on numbers - I used all the judges I booked - and hope for the show to stay the same size next year. We also had a strange 'experience' after the S devon show - all I will say is that Dairin helped on a ring for 3 hours until I took ill and he had to come and look after Lily.
It seems that as in the past - when things go well for a club / family, some people feel the need to try and cause trouble, spread rumours. The most important thing for me is can I honestly say I am running my business, raising my family , and treating my friends morally and ethically? And I can say Yes. As my opening quote says I guess making a few 'enemies' is actually unavoidable. SWAT is a highly visible club - our branding is very obvious and we are proud to wear our logo. We are currently also a successful club - my business is run along club lines - not a business empire and I will continue to operate that way.
I don't expect I will have time to blog again  until we get back from Dashin dogs. So good luck to all our friends and members who are competing all over the country - KC festival, DIN etc. ENjoy the summer agility holidays where ever you go.
See you in September - hopefully back to fighting fit if a little fat!!

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