"Nothing is so common as the wish to be remarkable" Shakespeare

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I couldn't resist this quote after the weekend we have just had :-)
3 SWATties went to the Olympia Semis at Stoneleigh - oh how we had everything crossed for them - all 3 of them remarkable dogs. But it was not meant to be this year - they all put in fantastic performances and the handlers should be very proud of themselves as well as their amazing woofs.
And then there was the Championship Classes at Prestbury park - how would Dairin and I fair? Well...... we blew it! honestly we may want to be 'remarkable' - and believe are dogs are - but when we get put under pressure we don't seem able to hold it together! So whilst we may 'wish' to be remarkable, and put all the time and effort in to it, on the day we are just another dog and handler getting e'd :-) 
Funny though........ thats ok, why? Why when we spend so much time / money / energy on this hobby is that ok? Because agility is not the most important thing in our lives - we enjoy it, we love spending time with the dogs and our friends, and I personally love training the dogs to compete. We enjoy competing and obviously we love to succeed! But when all is said and done - when we relax in the evenings, laughing at the dogs and Lily playing - agility is a just a bonus.
And when you take away the pressure - we win! Well done Dairin and Boo for winning G7 agility on Sunday - a stunning run - with fab contacts - so proud of you!
Despite it being so long since I blogged I decided not to do a blow by blow account of our time off - way too boring!
I will mention what a fab time we had at Dashin Dogs.
The Zoo was so much fun (naughty Zebras!).
We came 2nd in the time final ( go the squatties!).
Doug, Meddler and Fluke all went G6!
Down side was Raq injuring himself - still not right - frustrating as we have 3 champs this month - expensive classes to pull out of! Hopefully he's on the mend.
Family life in on the up - I am feeling a lot better - back teaching and loving it :-) First group last night was such a buzz - great lesson. I have my 12 week scan this week, so we are very excited and a little nervous.
Also busy planning Dairins 40th Party - will we recognise anyone! Off to sort out some embarrassing photos of him!
Toni xxx

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