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So... I promised a Keating update - a bit later than expected but its been a busy few days - lots of things going on - So i'll keep it as brief as possible!!! :-)
Us - we are 'ok'. very very busy with SWAT and the dogs, trying to catch up with normal life stuff and seeing friends and having family time. Off to carnival next week !!
Lily - Shes fab!! She's loving pre-school and making lots of new friends. If you are my Facebook friend check out the recent photos I added of my mums birthday photo shoot - alot of fun! I am currently looking at which school she will hopefully go to - can't believe that its less than a year away....
The Woofs - we have had lots of health issues recently which is scarey.
Kye - he hasn't seemed himself for the last few weeks - he officially retired at Honiton and ever since has seemed subdued.  SMART commented they were concerned which prompted me to take action as I was being an ostrich as didn't want to think anything could be wrong with him - he's too special to me. So off to the vets for blood tests. They show a few minor things but mainky that his epilepsy drug level has risen - So hopefully that is why he seems sedated. Scarey suddenly fiddling with his dose after 6 years at a constant level - but he hasn't fitted for 18 months so we can afford to risk it... hes also had another lump come on his tummy - but heard today its definitely fatty - phew!!
Doug - oh doug dog what do i say....  Dougs blood tests have come back showing there is something wrong with his liver. He will have more tests in 2 weeks time and then an ultrasound. These will show one of 2 things - either he has a shunt which could mean a big op, or he has Cirrhosis - and a shortened life expectancy :-(  it does explain his aggression - but so so sad..... He seems fine in himself - so hopefully we have caught what ever it is early..  In the meantime he has spent time in hospital for eating tennis balls!!! When Doug is off his food you know its serious!!!! So he has done no training at all in the last few weeks - I plan to restart next week - lots of drive and turn work as well as proofing his weaves and contacts. Keep him busy and occupied as he loves to do it.
The other 3 are all well.
Boo still stiff or sore at times but no reason other than shes nearly 9! Lots of fitness work for her this winter.
Raq has had a few weeks off to get his over his injury form th end of the season - SMART are very happy with him so he started working again this week - he is very happy and wild!!! Want to just keep him ticking over this winter - nothing really specific except proofing ketchkas as the pole always come off when we do it and also the 'miss' command.
And last but not least Maid :-)
She is soooo funny and naughty but a dream to train! lily and her are firm friends and always up to no good at home! She has been hip scored and had her nail removed so was off work from July til end of Sept - and is now very pleased to be back doing it again!  We have gone back to basics for contacts as her foot had been hurting her on them so she had slowed a little - back to lots of speedy plank work for her. Jumps are at Small height and she seems very happy - turning like a tanker when shes on the run the naughty minx! She is now weaving nicely, good rhythmn and drive. So i am very pleased with her :-)
SWAT - The club is doing well - we went up a division again this year and are now in the premiership!! thankyou and well done to everyone - we are very proud of you all. The winter training sessions have begun and are going well - lots of very eager students who are like sponges soaking up all the info i can offer them - lovely to teach! All the sessions this side of Xmas are full, I will be releasing the Jan - March dates in  the next couple of weeks - please book early to avoid missing out - some of them seem to go in the first 24hours!
The new Monday night mini - workshops have been a great success and I have really enjoyed them - let me know if there are any that you would like repeated.
We have also launched a new food service offering all the big brand foods at a discounted price - helping our members save money at a time when we all need it most!
Hopefully i will have info on the Xmas meal next week and we will also be doing the annual calender - keep your eye on your inbox!!
So.....  thats it - in a nut shell - not that brief - sorry!!
Hopefully i will try and keep the blog updated over the next couple of months!
T xx

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