"Other things may change us, but we start and end with Family" Anthony Brandt

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The last few months have been a real time of change for us in the Keating household - and most of it not in the way we wanted. But as the above quote says we still have our family - and for me that inlcudes my close friends. I am indeed very lucky to have friends and family that are there for me.
So whats happened since i last wrote? Lots as usual!!
Fireworks and Carnival were really enjoyable - Lily loved them!
Great news is that Kye seems a much happier boy - alot more perky since we dropped the epilepsy drug levels - so i am very haapy! Doug is all ok - seems fine in himself - new tests start in about 10 days - do we will know more then. i have started working him again and hes really enjoying himself! I plan to start a youtube account and then you can see just how fast this little man can move when he wants to! I love his weaves :-)
I haven't done much with Raq as i have been tired so concentrating on Maid with the energy i do have. I must get back into working Raq as i want to proof his 'miss' command and the Ketchka... i just need time and energy!!
Maid is still doing ok  - her weaves are now nice and fast  - shes getting very confident with them. her jumping and contacts havent progressed as well as i would have liked as she just can't do more than one exercise a session - she just ends up doing the second thing slowly! Her stamina just isnt there - we are working on it but i just think that is who she is and hopefully it will improve as she gets older. The 2 months off in the summer didn't help  - but thats just the way is! So i need to take it on the chin and persevere - she a fab little girl so i am sure we will get there - though i am not sure Easter will happen!
SWAT - Xmas meal all sorted :-) Calender nearly done, so now to sort out all my spring training dates!! Hopefully i will get them done tonight - and wait for the chaos to begin! I am really enjoying training at the moment - this last weeks course was so much fun - a real course to be attacked!!
But all 3 of us have the lurgy ;-( and i have now lost my voice - so i have given in and actually taken a couple of days off - hopefully i will recover quicker that way!
see you all soon at the field  xx

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