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The last few weeks there seems to have been a common theme running through lots of my lessons - admittedly lessons with people who are not my regular clients. Handlers are often under the impression that there is only one to handle sequences.Certain 'rules' must be obeyed.....
Well.... I don't think its as black and white as that. And the handlers i have been speaking to soon realise that agility is not just 'one size fits all'.
Handling 'systems' do work - not doubt about that - but they work for some people. Thats because every dog / handler partnership is different. Fast handlers with slow dogs, slow handlers with fast dogs, fast handlers and fast dogs....... you get my meaning! The fastest way of handling a sequence may vary depending on what the particular partnership are physically able to do. So the handling system they use needs to fit them.....
So when i see people of my stature (slow!) with dogs like Raq (fast!) trying to get in front cross after front cross I do silently wonder why they don't realise how much they are slowing their dogs down...... I honestly believe that all handling moves / turns are important to every partnership - just some partnerships will use certain moves more than others.
So as my quote says - we are not all the same - i don't have long legs - and I cannot hope to resemble those who do!! :-)
So - if you hear a trainer say ' You just need to run faster' - then they have ran out of ways to help you  - all sequences should be able to done a variety of ways - and your trainer should be able to explain them!
On Sunday we had our Match against Leads - we WON!! It was a really fun day and a good time was had by all. Thankyou to Leads for hosting. Must mention Tor and Ace - their first public outing and they did themselves proud! Check out their runs on our utube channel (SWATdogsuk).
This week is the last week of evening classes until January - privates continue for another 2 weeks - but it will be nice to have some time off in the evenings!
keep your eyes open on your emails - details of the Xmas walk coming soon!
T xx

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