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Last Saturday we had the SWAT Xmas party - oh what fun we had! It was lovely to see everyone in their glad-rags :-))
At our end of year bash we present awards to the top points scorers and generally recognise the achievements of our members - So i have to do a speech. So I thought i would put the content of that speech on here so those who weren't able to attend still get to see how well we all did!!
The Big news - SWAt went in to the premier division of the agility voice!! Every year we have moved up a division and now we have got to where we wanted to be so thankyou to everyone who has helped get us there. We know we will be out of our depth against the big boys now, but we just want to end up middle of the table - watch this space!
This year was the first time we ran 2 shows - and the last!! Too much hassle so this year just the summer show - 4 days.
We also came 2nd in the team dash final with our medium team beating lots of teams of 4 collies with our disabled shorties - clever woofs :-))
This year we had 16 new dogs come out and compete. 10 of those had top 3 placings
Mary and Bailey                             Malcolm and Dylan
Sam and Lola                                Ellen and Dot
Su and Pepsi                                 Sharron and Razzle
Olivia and Duna                            Jo and Meddler
Pat and Chilli                                 Sue and katie
2 others achieved clear rounds - Rachel and Lottie, and Vicky and Trick.
Liz and Harvey, Sue and Maddie, Sue and Duke. and Pat and Mitch were oh so close! Next year it will happen!
Special mention from the young dog section has to go to Pat and Chilli going from G3 - G5 and getting to the Olympia semis. And Jo and meddler going from G3 - G6, and winning the pro plan final. Clever pups!
Of the other SWAT dogs 12 of them went up a grade ( some a couple of grades!)
Lin and Sam to G4
trudy and Buell to G4
Nat and Coco to G6
Mike and Rio to G6
Lesley and Hex to G6
Gail and Stitch to G6
Jo and Fluke to G6
me and Doug to G6
Tim and Shadow to G5
Debs and Asbo to G4
Pat and Dooley to G5
Margaret and Floozey to G5
Well done to everyone!
Also I must mention Clear rounds for Flori, Shevi, and lesley with Oscar. Annie and gracie for their 6th, and Safi and Pinto for their wins - Well done!!
We have 2 retiring dogs - Chip and Kye - original SWAT dogs. Trudy and My 1st ever agility dogs who took us to G6 andgot us addicted to this sport. We will miss working them but enjoy every moment we have with them.
SWAT also had lots of dogs in finals this year.
The Team Dash 2nd place mediums - Doug, Chip, fluke and Stitch.
Jo and Meddler winning the proplan final.
Doug, Hex and Fluke reaching the pro plan finals.
Jo and Fluke qualifying for Crufts in March.
Raq winning the Superstars Final at Wye Valley.
Chilli, Boo and Stitch all got to the Olympia Semis.
So when you sun it all up - What a year?!?!?!?!?
The Awards went to Camilla and Pinto for G1&2, Pat and Chilli for G3&4, and Penny and Mutley for G5-7.
The St Pirans lad trophy for effort went to Pam and Shevi for the amazing year they have had - coming on in leaps and bounds - literally!!
So what will next year bring.......  Exciting times. We have some new members as well as new dogs.
We have our medium team and 2 large teams hoping to get to some finals.
We have 6 young dogs making their debut - Ace, Maid, Tor, Phaze, Ellie and Molly.
But most of all - we plan to have lots of laughs and lots of fun!!!
Toni xx

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