Post Holiday Blues

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So our holiday didn't quite go according to plan. Lily was ill so sleep was a rare commodity for all of us - and of course Dairin and I have both caught the cold from her so now we feel rough! She also was not impressed with the sand - no way was she going to touch it! Oh well - try again soon!
Wye Valley was a fab show as usual, great weather and the dogs loved swimming. Also it was nice catching up with friends old and new, and seeing the new additions - 2 and 4 legged! Well done to everyone who got placed - we had a really fun run in the team with mel and Kobus - a real adrenaline rush - can't wait for the next one now.
SWAT seems very busy at the minute - lots of new people which is fun to teach. We are also in the middle of placing a large clothing order so let us know asap if you want anything.
Well, enjoy the rest of the sunshine - see you at training or at UKA at the weekend. xx

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