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What a mixed week we have had!
We had a poorly Kye again this week - he had a fit on Sunday night after Wye Valley but recovered quickly and we put it down to the heat. He always fits more in the summer especially when its hot. Then on Thursday he had a bad stomach again - despite a £260 bill 6 weeks ago to be told it was "gas"(!!) off we marched to the vets again - same xrays and blood tests - no change so still no underlying cause for the problem. We are waiting for some blood results to come back and then we will probably go down the route of a camera down his throat to have a proper check on it all. Poor lad, but he's absolutely fine again now - just leaves me in a panic each time!
Then such awful weather on Saturday - i admit i went NFC at the UKA show so that i didn't have to get out of the van to walk the courses - it was horrid!
Then Sunday a beautiful day - thank goodness! Shows are hard work with Lily when its raining! And now to this entries title...............................
Phew!! At last Raq and i have had a clear round!! I am so pleased - and relieved! I trained most of the weekend but he won his agility class with me just going for a steady clear and holding his contacts so i am very happy! The icing on the cake is that he has qualifed for the Royal Canin Finals in 3 weeks time - so both Boo and Raq will both be there!
Well done to everyone for their results this weekend - Boo had 2 seconds and a first - such a consistent girl. D will update the message board soon but he's on lates this week.
So a busy week ahead - don't forget the photo session on Thursday if you've booked in, and then off to Thames at the weekend! Time flies when you're having fun!!

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