Where has the sunshine gone?!

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Thames show at the weekend was really good fun - despite lily being ill again! Our first experience of projectile vomiting - i am so glad Dairin was ther as i was useless! the weather was perfect - sunny but a breeze to keep the dogs cool. Well done to Jo and Natalie who got numerous top 10 places, which a such a huge show is a great achievement.
But where has the sun gone? A few of us mums from SWAT were on a teddy Bears picnic this morning and the heavens opened! We were all drenched - such a shame as it would have beenlovely to let the littlies run wild before picnic-ing. Nevermind we will have to rearrange. The weather had also ruined lessons tonight - the ground is so hard that the rain hasn't soaked in so the barn s flooded :-( lets hope the rest of the week improves.
So counting down to Golden Valley at the weekend and Lilys 1st birthday - if you are there on the Sunday come and have some cake with us!

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