Don't Stop Believing in Raqmaid

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Thats the hoped for KC name for our new pup - Glee :-) And she is living up to her name and bringing lots of Glee in to our lives!
I will try and get Dairin to upload some photos of her as she is soooooo cute! Think she may end up a pampered pooch rather than an agility dog! Her name also reflects the fact that we have been granted our Kennel name - Raqmaid - well they will be!! :-)
Maid has finally gone to full height - its been traumatic as she is being very hormonal and her drive isn't always as good as it should be - varying from day to day - so i have had to be very careful about what i do when - but after the last 2 weeks of that she is settling back to her normal self and today i was really pleased with her - she is sorting out her striding much better and i am more hopeful she will be ready to do a full course at large by march 24th! If of course she isn't in season!!!
Our show plans for this year have gone awry already - so much for doing less!! I have got completely carried away and entered lots more than planned - we shall wait and see if we have the cash to actually get there :-)
I just can't resist teams and Champs!
I have 2 new workshops in the next couple of months - a sports psychology seminar with Louise Ellis which filled overnight, and an afternoon of fitness assessments with the SMART clinic. I have 2 spaces left - get in quick (March 21st) What better way to ensure your canine partner is ready for the season ahead?
I am trying desperately to get on with the August show prep - schedule is nearly ready to go public. My efforts have been hampered by an unusual amount of extra SWAT paperwork that I have had the last couple of weeks.... I need to look at how to do things differently as its impacting on the precious hours I get with Lily at home..... Its mainly to do with bookings and cancellations..... watch this space!
Off to play with pup!! :-))

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  1. chel

    fab to hear maid is progressing so well :) look forward to seeing you all soon!!!

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