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At the weekend it was Lily's first birthday and Dairin and I were very excited! She really had no idea what was going on but enjoyed the attention and all the new toys to play with. Thank you to everyone for pressies and cards - it was very kind of you and she really is a very lucky girl. She loved her new "trike" and was very visible around the rings!
luckily Lily's birthday meant that agility wasn't the main event of the weekend as Golden valley was a bit of a disaster for me and Raq - not a single start line wait! Back to training in the ring for us this coming weekend at UKA! Kye however made me smile with a 1st in Anysize - and he loved every second of his run and made sure everyone knew it was happening!
Well done to everyone for their results at the weekend but especially Jo and Fluke for qualifying for the Agility Clubs Starters Challenge!!
So.......off to the field to practice waits! Good luck to all of you at Lansdown this coming weekend - sorry we aren't there - but the Royal Canin Finals beckon!!

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